Monday, June 17, 2019

Disney's Tarzan Turns 20

Disney's Tarzan is turning 20 years young on 6/18/19.

Tarzan is special to me.  It is the first Disney movie that I went to see in the theater with my husband (then boyfriend). I wish we had smart phones back then so I could show you a cute selfie of us in the theater. You'll have to settle for these sweethearts!
Photo: Disney

If there is one thing a Disney film evokes for fans is nostalgia. I can easily rattle off a special memory or feeling associates with every Disney film I have ever seen. Disney films resonate deeply.  They seem to pull at our heart strings eternally.  Ask your Disney loving friend about the first time they saw a particular Disney film and I bet the response won't be  "I don't remember."  Likely you will be treated to a detailed account of who they went with, how old they were and how fondly they remember the outing.

Disney Films Turning 20 in 2019:

  • Tarzan (6/18/19)
  • Inspector Gadget (7/23/99)
  • Toy Story 2 (10/30/99)
  • Fantasia 2000 (12/17/99)

Behind The Magic:

Renowned animator Ken Duncan posted a series of behind-the-scenes photos from animators who have brought their talented art to classics such as Hercules (6/13/97- turning 22 this year), Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove, and Treasure Planet. Ken's stunning B&W portraits give us Disney fans a behind the scenes snapshot into the creative studio spaces responsible for some of the pop culture's biggest animated films. Seen on Duncan Studio’s Instagram Ken pays homage to the artists who came together for these history-making projects and where they are today.

The Photos:

Photo:  Ken Duncan Studios
Photos From Left top: Animator Glen Keane (2001) Joe Mosher, Assistant Animator Hercules (1996) Joe Grant-Disney Animation (1999)  Juliet Duncan (1996)

Ken’s studio announced its foray into original content in April with the launch of “Duncan Originals.” The studio will produce features, series, and short-form content. Most recently, Duncan Originals worked on the critically acclaimed 2D animation sequence for Mary Poppins Returns.

Bruce Smith, Supervising Animator, Tarza (1999).
Bruce created the characters “Kerchak” & “Favcilier”(Princess &Frog) amongst others.
Supervising Animator Mike Show drawing with a banana- Hercules (1996)

The Layout team, Hercules (1997)
Lobby of the Disney Animation building. 

See which other fabulous Disney movie from the same era just had an anniversary  
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