Saturday, March 2, 2019

Top Fun Disney Finds at Toy Fair New York

Going to the New York Toy Fair at the Jacob Javits Center is the next best thing to taking a trip to Disney!  
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Ravensburger's BIG Disney Puzzle

I love visiting with all my favorite vendors and checking out their new Disney merchandise.
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I get a buzz while sauntering through the crowds and checking out all the hot new toys.  The nostalgic feeling combined with the oohing and ahhhing as I see the retro toys is a fun hoot.  The best feeling of all though is when you get surprised with something that you didn't know existed but you realize in an instant that you need!
Toy Fair never disappoints!

It would be lame not to mention the most buzzed about toy from Toy Fair... Mattel's Bo Peep.  She's definitely the rock star of Toy Fair 2019!  I feel like she needs to come live in my NYC apartment to liven things up a little. 
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Photo Courtesy of Disney

The thing is...Bo Peep is the IT girl this season so you'll be reading about her everywhere. Let's take a look at my fun finds because you may not have seen these yet!

Picturing Disney's Top Fun 2019 Toy Fair Finds: 


Hasbro is chock full of Disney this year.  I am besides myself wanting each and every fun doll and action figure coming out.  Here's a small recap but theres more, so much more including Aladdin and Frozen merchandise galore that was not displayed.

  • In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of The Little Mermaid, Hasbro is releasing a 3-pack of dolls featuring Ariel and two of her sisters Aquata and Arista. The dolls are designed for water play with color changing fins. A Sparkling Lagoon playset will also be available.
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Photo:  Courtesy of Disney

  • Royal Clips mini-figures feature interchangeable rubber dresses in a variety of options. Single figures make it possible for kids to collect their favorite princesses. Fashion packs come with one princess and three iconic outfits. Princes and sidekicks will be available as well.  
  • Descendants 3 is coming this summer so is a line of dolls with new fashions! There's also a new character doll named Celia! Spoiler...Celia, is the daughter of Dr. Facilier! 


I loved everything there especially this Stitch collection! 
A special thank you to The Jersey Momma my partner in crime for the day for this cute shot!
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Photo: The Jersey Momma 


What can I say? There is nothing quite like a Steiff teddy bear except when it is a Disney character!
Dumbo stole my heart! 

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Then Pooh ran with it!

Good Smile Company:

The Good Smile Company showcased fantastic figmas and blind box figures from many fandoms as usual.  Of course I focused in on Disney which included Steam Boat Willie, Toy Story, Ariel, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Tangled, Peter Pan and my favorite little spunky fairy...Tinkerbell!

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Spunky Tinkerbell

Seeing the Mickey 90 Statue up close and personal was a big treat!
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Mickey 90
Special shout out to Sonic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Harry Potter figmas which are equally amazing.

Great Pretenders:

These Disney Princess Dresses were a sassy, cute fun surprise.  I went into the booth and touched and played with everything.  Oh to be a kid again.  I got stuck wearing the old plastic costumes.  I know...cry me a river but seeing quality costumes such as these I'm itching to get out there in Disney Style and cosplay!

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Kids Preferred:

Got a Disney Baby?  Kids Preferred has you covered with all your favorite characters. From Toy Story toPrincesses to  Winnie The Pooh, the gang is all here!  One line is cuter than the next.  Fans of Eric Carle will also love the Very Hungry Caterpillar line.

Folkmanis Puppets:

These puppets floored me.  They are amazing.  Photos do not do them justice.  Hand made and perfect in every way.  The details on these puppets are incomparable.  

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Folkmanis Puppets


We had so much fun at Ravensburger that we will be featuring their hottest games over a few future articles.  Stay tuned for those but in the mean time feast your eyes on the largest Disney puzzle in the world:

This puzzle is so big it contains 40320 pieces and showcases 9 decades of Disney history.  Can you say MAGIC!

Little Kids-

Little Kids has so many fun toys coming out for the fall.  Our favorite of the bunch is their new line called Descenders. They happen to have an exclusive Marvel line!  Descenders are so much fun! I can't wait to show you what they do in action. 

We'll be bringing you more details on our favorite Disney toys!


  1. I am shocked by the 40,000 piece puzzle! Holy smokes! Great finds here. Love the Folkmanis puppets, too!

  2. That puzzle looks amazing. I think my family would be there forever trying to do that. Wow!