Friday, November 16, 2018

RUMOR: Is this Farewell to Rock n Rollercoaster?

Rock n Rollercoaster we love you so...

 but has the time finally come to say goodbye?

A New York Times article detailing Disney's recent expansion efforts seemed to indicate that Rock n Rollercoaster is being re-themed.  

"With its television business facing significant challenges in the streaming age, and lots of popular movie franchises to put to use, Disney is spending billions to supercharge its theme park division, which has emerged as a surprisingly strong moneymaker."

You can read the full article --> HERE<-- and judge for yourself.  
There have been rumors for a while now but the map below pretty much said it all.

OR DID IT ???....

Map from NY Times article
Tower of Terror
Chinese Theater
Echo Lake
Hollywood Studios Lake Buena Vista
1. Mickey Mouse ride 2. “Toy Story” land 3. “Star Wars” land 4. “Star Wars” resort 5. Re-themed roller coaster (overhauled)


11/16/18:  REVISED and RETRACTED:  

The New York Times has now updated their site, including the map in question, with the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster re-theme removed:

The Author of the article Brooks Barnes is quoted on Twitter:  
"Disney insists it has no "current" plans. Make of that what you want."

The big question now is will Disney replace Rock n Rollercoaster eventually?  We hate to lose an old favorite but we sure do love a new exciting attraction.  Its always fun to imagine what's in store for our favorite place on earth!  Let's see what happens "Eventually."

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