Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Wish List Must Haves by Wonder Forge!


Wonder Forge has outdone themselves this holiday season! My 12, 10, and 8 year olds helped us review these new games! I will start at their very favorite! "Where's Olaf?" This is meant for children far younger than mine but they really got into it! Its basically a simple board-game version of the hot/cold game that comes with pre-carded questions. So someone hides Olaf and then the other player(s) have to look around for him based on the questions they pull up and the hiders answers. Our Olaf may just end up hanging with Sazwop, our Elf on the Shelf! ;)

Although we really loved The Good Dinosaur game that seemed similar to this last year, Boulder Burst was a little young for my brood! They played without a complaint but this is much better suited for the range of Pre-K to around 1st grade I think. Our 2nd grader enjoyed it most but I think it carried greater appeal for those who watch The Lion Guard!

We love Eye Found It! And the Star Wars version did NOT disappoint! The only drawback to this game being the Star Wars version was that our 10 year old fanatic could sweep the board because he already knew which planets he could likely find someone. For example, his sister chose Jakku for the first planet to search for Princess Leia but he went right for Endor following by Hoth and spotted her twice. 

We haven't had a chance to play the Marvel Hero Training Game, I Can Do That because it was clearly pegged for the age group Boulder Burst was. Based on the adorable tools, unique gameplay, and Wonder Forge's reputation for games filled with family fun-- we know our cousins are going to love playing this when we see them over the holidays!

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