Monday, December 26, 2016

Disney Scrapbooking Guide!

Disney Scrapbooking is a ton of fun!

Want a printable, full color, photo-filled PDF version of this guide? 

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I have the eyes of a scrapbooker! I collect so many little nostalgic papers and cards that my husband sometimes asks things like “Hun, did you take any of the paper coasters with you?” I adore scrapbooking and Disney scrapbooking is the most fun!

The first way to make your scrapbook unique is to find and save as many of the following as you can:

Park Maps and Times Guides

I save 2 pristine maps from each park along with 2 Time Guides from our trip.  I want to cut one up I will still have one from our trip to tuck into my scrapbook and look back at. I also grab doubles of specialty maps (from ticketed parties or Epcot festivals).  These are great to use as a page background. I also like to section off my scrapbooks by park. I cut a slit in my page protector to pop the map out of so I can unfold it to look at how the parks have evolved over our trips.

Disney Travel Docs

Did you book your own trip? Save all the welcome mail from Disney (including adorable envelopes). Save the brochures, DVDS, and guidebooks.  Did you get a pin code postcard in the mail? SAVE IT! If you booked through a Disney Travel Agent save his/her card, your confirmations, and even your luggage tags- keep them!

Business Cards/Restaurant Items

Some of the sit down restaurants have business cards when you go up to check in- grab one! Some have specialty coasters as well- take two! Heck, I even took an extra set of chopsticks from Teppan Edo and saved the plastic Sci-Fi Dine-In toothpick from my dessert! These make awesome embellishments for scrapbook pages!

Hotel Paperwork

Use the folder from the front desk at your hotel to stow away any papers that you want to stay nice and flat.  The Check in/out paperwork always have great graphics.  Your room often has personalized cards by the toiletries from your mousekeeper, paper coasters near your glasses, and an occasional notepad with the hotel logo on it. 

Once you have nabbed all your embellishments, taken thousands of pictures and had an amazing trip, its time to create your book! 

BE ORGANIZED! I like to theme my book or set it up in a certain way.

My favorite Disney scrapboook ideas: 

1.  Storybook set up:

This DCWV scrap stack is awesome! It has fairytale storybook properties on the pages and you can use a fine point Sharpie to write over the type print to tell your story.

2.  My Year in Disney:
In some years I take up to three trips to Disney World and have many other Disney adventures (Broadway shows, Disney on Ice, etc.) I like to separate my book by month. 

3.  Park by Park:

Its fun to separate pictures by Resort, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Downtown Disney. For a Disneyland trip you can do Resort, Disneyland Park, California Adventure, Downtown. The rule is there is no rule.  Have fun and mix it up!

4. Day by Day:
A chronological timeline is a fun record of your trip.  This is easy!  You can follow the pictures on your phone and fill in the blanks with what you have collected from restaurants or events.

Enjoy & Happy Scrapping!

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  1. This was great! I love that your scrapbooks are litterally scrapbooks with bits of stuff from your trip rather than just pictures and stuff from Michael's craft store. I collect a ton of stuff too but just never manange to put anything together in a book. Maybe when the little ones are older and will leave me alone for more than five minutes I can get scrappin.