Monday, June 27, 2016

Enjoy Joffrey's Teas for some Disney magic at home!

I can say with sincere honesty that I did not know much about the Joffrey's company before seeing them pop up as a coffee producer in Disney Parks.  We immediately became vacation BFFs.

Without Joffrey's I wouldn't be able to make my way through 3am extra magic hours and then get up after a few hours to ensure a ride on Test Track at park opening.

At home however, I am not much of a coffee drinker. I am a tea girl!  While I am being honest here I should admit... I am a complete tea snob.  I love loose tea.  Tea sachets are so convenient and the taste is so much better than tea bags that I gladly pay the upcharge for the loose-tea-in-a-tea-bag flavor.

I tried Joffrey's Black Currant loose and Earl Grey sachets this weekend (Thanks to Joffrey's for sending them to us to sample!) The teas were sweet and smooth in all the right ways.  (similar to Harney & Sons)  I was more than pleased to find out that I can get these varieties right in Disney Springs on my next trip to Walt Disney World! I cannot wait to enjoy my favorite drink (iced chai) on my trip and grab some tea to bring home for future enjoyment.

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