Friday, April 22, 2016

Love is in the Air with our LeSportSac Spring Style Tour!

Here at Picturing Disney we love a functional, versatile, adorable, and quality park hopping bag and LeSportSac never disappoints! This Spring they have completely outdone themselves by incorporating colors both bright and soft into combos with gray accents, as well as chic and sophisticated black and white, all while featuring our favorite mouse-tastic couple! There are four new patterns, and you are sure to find them perfect for the warm summer sun that will be upon us before we know it!

We decided to start the tour of this spring line with the adorable combo because frankly, it is the mother-daughter duo of these Spring bags and if there are any dads, step-dads, or boyfriends out there who have two lovely ladies in their lives this is a one-two punch for the girl and woman who have stolen your heart! The EveryGirl Tote in Spring Fling and the Mini Crossbody Picture Tote in Springtime Outing were just meant to be filled up and taken on your next picnic! The bags fill out great, are filled with awesome organizer pockets, and are just the right size for your favorite gals (or to treat yo self!) this season!

Pictured above is the Blooming Love Cleo Crossbody bag and if you follow my LSS reviews you know that this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE park-hopping bag! It is a perfect design for the parks and this new pattern is classy and beautiful!  The quilting pattern is so in style right now and I adore LSS's take on it!  

This design is timeless and this back is also a perfect travel companion.  It may be too small for some adults but is perfect for a hands free carry-on bag for you (and thanks to adjustable straps) or your kids! And whats best is that it has appeal to everyone ages 9 to 90! It even got the tween stamp of approval in my house (and we all know how hard that can be to get)!

Did the article thumbnail catch your eye? We featured a close-up of the Basic Backpack in Spring Fling! But don't be confused by the name- there is nothing basic about this bag! A LSS backpack is seriously the best investment! We have one in our home that survived Kindergarten AND first grade and it still looked good as new! Expect to see more pics of this bag in action this summer when I hit the parks! Spring Fling might have a seasonal name, but like all the prints on our LeSportSac Spring Style Tour, they won't soon go out of style! Thanks again, LSS for some great new prints for us to fall in love with this season! Love truly is in the air! 

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