Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wonder Forge Games to Delight the Whole Family this Holiday!

 I love good ole fashioned family fun and board games are right near the top of my family fun lists (I mean, you can't go to Disney World every day, right?)

Wonder Forge has a great line up of fun and affordable games and we got to test them out this Thanksgiving break just for you! 

The Good Dinosaur Roarin River is a cooperative board game with the fun of chutes and ladders and just enough intensity to keep everyone involved.  We had ages ranging from 7-11 kids playing plus adults and we all had fun but even younger kids could easily get the hang of this and have a blast.  I love these universal games where everyone works together!

Our next game was Star Wars Pictopia and this may have been a poor choice on my account since Wonder Forge has other awesome Star Wars games that may have suited my family better.  Pictopia games are super fun trivia games but we did not have the Star Wars expertise to play this one the way other families surely will be able to.  

It is high quality and the style of Pictopia lends itself to be games all ages in the family can enjoy. We just only made it through a short round (that only one child really ended up enjoying because he was the only one who could answer every question correctly). 

Last, and certainly not least, is the awesome Disney Imagicademy Storymation Stop Motion Video Kit.  This was a HUGE hit! I don't even have pictures to do it justice because we are not done creating yet! 

Its easy to use since kids can record through a free app from Disney on phones and ipads but whats even better is that there are enough elements that everyone can get involved (we are a family of 5). You design your "movie" with adding clay-animation elements, setting up the background, and you can use the posable mickey and minnie that come in the set.  Its easy and fun and the set is also a great carrying case for all the pieces you will need for your video creations!

Since we only had before pictures to share, stay tuned for more on the Instagram once we finish our video! And do your family a favor and grab some of these great games to put under your tree this holiday season! 

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