Thursday, May 7, 2015

Part 1 of Our Amazing Adventure: Four Parks, Three Methods of Park Transportation All in One Day

I promised myself that I would tell this story because no one would believe it..but it can be done.

Four Parks
Three Methods of Park Transportation

While planning our trip to the Walt Disney Resort this past January, we (my husband, Gus, and I) decided that the first day of our trip would consist of arriving at the resort and doing something we never do at Walt Disney World: RELAX. We (Gus really) wanted to take it easy before we hit the parks with all of our might. We had received a complimentary mini-golf voucher for making stay at a Walt Disney World Resort. What's not relaxing about mini-golf?

Upon arriving to Kissimmee, we continued to drive to our destination, the All Star Music Resort. Gus confidently turned off the GPS and continued to follow the purple signs that we are all familiar of, stating that he could find his way from where we were. As we kept driving we realized that we seemed to be taking longer and longer to get to our destination. Suddenly, Animal Kingdom's main gate was in sight. Quickly figuring out that we had made a wrong turn somewhere, Gus quickly turned our GPS back on and turned around to make our way back towards the right path.

Upon arriving at the All Star Music Resort, we checked in and decided to take Disney Transportation to the Swan and Dolphin Resort. One thing that some guests don't know is that you cannot take Disney Bus Transportation from resort to resort, however you can take the busses to the parks. So we decided our best bet would be to hop on the bus to Disney's Hollywood Studios and either walk or take a Friendship boat to the Swan and Dolphin. Never having been to the Fantasia Gardens Golf Course (the Winter Wonderland Golf Course outside of Typhoon Lagoon had closed for the season), I could only see that it was located on the side of the Swan Resort through the My Disney Experience App.

We jumped off the bus and quickly power walked to the Friendship boat dock at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Luckily for us, a boat was headed our way. We enjoyed the breeze and took in our voyage to the Swan and Dolphin Resort. Upon arriving to the Swan and Dolphin Resort, we walked over to the front desk and asked which was the best way to get to the Fantasia Gardens. We were directed in the direction of the location and headed off to enjoy a round of mini-golf.

I will stop this tale here for now. Have you ever tried to attempt something similar in the parks?

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