Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fantastic Fun at the Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf

As I mentioned in a prior post, upon reserving our stay at the All Star Music Resort, we received a booklet of vouchers. One of the vouchers was for a free game at any of the golf properties at the Walt Disney Resort, I was excited to see what great features they would include in their miniature golf area.

Upon arriving at the Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf, one thing was quite clear: there was going to be a wait. I had figured we weren't the only ones to receive this voucher, but was surprised at the amount of people who had decided to make this part of their day at the Walt Disney World Resort. To put it frankly, we waited about 30 to 40 minutes for our tee time. They had a few shaded tables for us to wait under. If you aren't able to grab a table, the location also has a small game area where guests can purchase credits and play arcade games while they waited for their tee time.

Once our tee time arrived, we promptly handed over our tickets, picked out our clubs and golf balls, and headed off to the Fantasia Gardens. Needless to say, each hole had its own thoughtful set of instructions. Each hole also had a fun, interactive moment that would occur either as the ball traveled to its hole or when it reached its hole.Having only seen Fantasia twice in my lifetime, it was the perfect match to the scenes I recalled. Take a look at some of the great shots we got from our fun day.

Some of the holes had musical elements that would chime if the ball was hit in
the right direction.

Other holes featured a moving part that could block you from making a hole in one.
One thing is for sure, the space is beautiful. I can almost hear the area music now.

I almost missed this fun moment while playing the 8th hole....

I could I not throw in some Animals of Disney shots...

This hole was probably the crowd favorite.
And here's why....there is a water feature that kids absolutely love to run through.
The kids that we saw with their families all waited for the right moment to run through and refresh themselves.

Here are some tips to remember while you are there:

1. Make sure to bring some sun block/lotion and sunglasses and/or a hat. There isn't much shade from the sun and at midday, the sun can rise pretty high in the sky.

2. If your golf ball finds itself unreachable, let an attendant know and they will give you another golf ball to continue your game.

3. Take a bottle of water with you and make sure to keep hydrated. At the location they do offer beverages to purchase.

4. Be prepared to demonstrate patience and wait your turn. Although Cast Members try to keep only a set number of guests playing at the same time, you may get stuck in a line at a hole or two. Guests of ALL ages enjoy the miniature golf location. This means little ones who want to hit their own ball might hold up the hole in order to be able to play too.


Overall, we had a ton of fun playing at the Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf. It was fun to see what special feature each hole would surprise you with.

Have you visited Fantasia Gardens? What was your favorite part?

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