Monday, July 14, 2014

Unexpected Disney Magic with Mater

As you might have seen on Picturing Disney social media...

I posted a fun photo. On my way to work this weekend, I noticed a classic Volkswagen Beetle. It looked a lot like Herby the Love Bug. As I pulled up closer, I wanted to see who was driving the famous punchbuggy. Once next to it, I looked over and saw no one in the car. I gasped thinking I had maybe been mistaken and I was actually in the presence of the real Herby!! (I'm exaggerating a bit....but not really)

Upon closer inspection, I noticed Herby was being towed. But...Not just any tow truck.  Herby was being towed by Mater!  I could not stop laughing. I took as many pictures as I could without being a danger to the rest of the citizens on the road. I even waived at the passengers who were "riding" in Mater. 

It's always a pleasant surprise when you get treated to a little bit of Disney magic outside of the parks.

What random Disney Magic have you experienced outside of the parks?

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