Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Parades of the Magic Kingdom: When the Unexpected Makes a Lasting Memory

As time goes by, Disney will change aspects of an attraction, parade or show to keep experiences fresh for guests. I realized that during my hunt for pictures from Disney trips past, I found a great piece of video that I just had to share. 

In our family, this is a memory that will always make us all chuckle. During this trip in August of 2009, we had been accompanied by another family to Magic Kingdom. After a great morning of roaming through the parks and enjoying ourselves, we settled down and grabbed our spots for the 3 o’clock parade. I’m sure we were all a bit tired, but Ashley just couldn’t stay awake. In fact, she took this one photograph with most of us and proceeded to knock out in my sister’s lap.

Left to Right: Myself, Krystal, Ashley, Jasmine, & Celine

Ashley slept through the entire parade. Since we had taken our video camera, we joked that if anything she would see it when they got home. What we did not realize was that we would have a special memory that I have never heard of from any other guests. Take a look at the video below. I apologize for its blurriness, but if you scroll up to 00:06:30 on the bar at the bottom you will hear something that will make even the grumpiest of people crack a smile.

One of the Parade Dancers saw poor Ashley and began to yell, “Wake up!! You’re missing it!! Wake Up!! You could have slept at home for FREE!! Oh My Goodness!!” Moments like this, as odd as it may seem to others, is one of our cherished memories at the parks. We still bring it up in conversation and it is as funny as when it happened. Enjoy the rest of the photos and see all the differences compared to the later photos posted in this earlier post.

Do you have a special memory from a parade? 

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