Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Free Disney Quote Typography Printables!

Here I am again, grateful to my lovely fans and followers for allowing me to share my love of Disney with you and being so receptive and caring.  If it weren't for your likes, follows, shares, and comments I wouldn't be able to spend my free time on this photoblog hobby and I wouldn't get the hits that contest sponsors are looking for so I could review and give away some awesome stuff!
To show my ever growing appreciation now that we have hit 4000 Facebook fans here are two 8x10 art printables that I used to sell exclusively in my Etsy shop for you to download FREE! :)

If you right click on the files and "open in a new tab" you should be able to enlarge the image and save.  I was able to print it on 8x10 cardstock and it fit nice and clear but you may be able to go bigger! :)

Also be sure to check out the map art printables I have up for free as well!

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