Monday, May 13, 2013

scbb11Sketch: Recreating Amazing Retro Epcot Art!

As you may have noticed, I am all about fan appreciation.  I love seeing fan art and when designs and crafts are made with love they carry a special magic with them no matter what you order.  I shop on Etsy more than I do Amazon, and hit locally owned shops over big stores like Walmart on a regular basis.  There is something more personal and personable about this type of experience and the same goes for internet artists! In a late night session of RedBubble browsing my husband and I stumbled on Stephen's retro Epcot artwork.

Now we love Epcot and love the 1980s (me and Epcot are the same age right now!) but the merchandise seemed few and far between when we were in the parks.  I felt like I wanted to see some real EPCOT Center shirts for men and women, posters, phone cases, etc but was a little disappointed. Stephen's designs are everything anyone who still spells Epcot in all caps is looking for! ;)

You can find his (scbb11Sketch) merchandise at the following online shops:
Tshirts, iPhone cases, and stickers:
Click away and you will see they are amazing!

And, he is so fabulous that he has sent me a set of 11 postcards to give away!!! To really boost the retro factor of our giveaway I will be adding this lovely little Walt Disney World 40th anniversary vinylmation to the mix!!

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