Friday, July 20, 2012

My Original Disney Crochet Patterns

In the first 6 months of my photoblogging I was multiple times so thrilled and excited to have so many followers and Facebook fans that I decided I would share crochet patterns I had created and used to sell on Etsy when I was really into amigurumi.

My first try at a Disney amigurumi was Mike from Monster's Inc.  I had just heard about Monster University being made and I thought he was a good place to start since he is an easy shape and I had used the design for his eye on a smaller scale for spots on a different amigrumi I had made.
Click the link to get our FREE copy of my Mike Pattern.

I made a Nemo plushie for one of my cousins newborn son and spent a lot of time designing him and writing down the pattern so I thought it would be great to share with other Disney fins, I mean fans! ;)
Click the link to get your FREE copy of my Nemo Pattern.

My next Disney crochet pattern is not an amigurumi but a hat.  My husband and I have been trying to get down to Disney for Christmas for years now.  We had planned a trip in 2010 for Thanksgiving and had to postpone to February 2011 when our flight schedule changed and then in 2011 we went back for Flower & Garden and Food & Wine festivals so we once again missed it.  I had this hat made and sitting in my closet just waiting to attend a Very Merry Christmas Party when Hurricane Sandy hit New York and donated it to a Disney lover who needed some warmth and magic in 2011.
Click the link to get your FREE copy of my Mouse Ear Hat pattern. 

Last but certainly not least is everyone's favorite steed from Woody's Round up.  Bullseye from the Toy Story trilogy! I made this as a generic horse for a friend's newborn baby but when he brought it home his daughter loved it and wouldn't stop calling it Bullseye so I made her one that looked like him.  Sorry I don't have pictures but I think you can imagine the color differences! 
Click the link to get your copy of my FREE Bullseye Pattern!

Enjoy and Happy Crocheting! :)