Hollywood Studios

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Disney's Hollywood Studios can be broken down into 8 distinct areas or "streets".  There is no easy way to describe the design so the best way is to lead you through the park (click the links to get an up-close look and highlights for each area).  
You enter the park on Hollywood Boulevard and as you approach the famous Sorcerer's Hat you will see a street to your right which will lead you down Sunset Boulevard. (It is on Sunset that you will find the night show Fantasmic!)
To your left as you head towards the Sorcerer's Hat you will see Echo Lake and can walk through that area as well.
If you walk through Echo Lake you will find yourself on the Streets of America.
If you walk straight up to the Sorcerer's Hat you will find a couple more streets: to the left of the hat is Commissary Lane, directly to your right Animation Courtyard, and slightly offset behind the hat on the right Mickey Avenue & Pixar Place!

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