Sunday, October 24, 2021

Saks Fifth Avenue 30th Anniversary Belle Doll

Saks Fifth Avenue's 2021 Special Edition Doll will honor Beauty and the Beast's 30th anniversary. 

The 30th Anniversary Belle doll is part of the Disney Style Series by Hasbro. 
Belle is dressed in a gorgeous rendition of of her classic yellow ball room gown meant to represent an upside down rose. Belle is also holding a rose which is a nice nod to the movie.

Belle's Dress:

Look at the details on Belle's stunning dress.

The back of the dress is as beautiful as the front. It is adorned with a large bow and delicate pearls.
As in the past, the special edition doll will set you back a hefty sum. This year's doll will cost $315 and can be ordered on the Saks website.

If you love Disney dolls you will love some of the other designs available now including the 2021 Special Edition Holiday Rapunzel doll. 

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