Sunday, September 26, 2021

Pixar Putt: A Slice of Disney Magic In New York City

Pixar Putt has come to New York City and you are going to want to check out this little slice of Disney-Pixar magic in the Big city.

We were invited to check out the outdoor mini golf pop-up experience at Pier A in Battery Park City.  Was the experience up to PAR or as the pro golfers say "a real dog track?"  Read on to find out.

What is Pixar Putt?

Pixar Putt is an outdoor mini-golf experience boasting 18 Pixar inspired holes. The pop-up experience brings to life the beloved films and characters we all love. Whether you are a Toy Story fan or spend your movie time "Finding Nemo", you will be holding back the urge to shout "Silenzio Bruno!" every time you go for a hole on one of the courses. 

Our Review:

Each of the 18 holes are cleverly themed around a popular Pixar movie. Your adventure begins in Portorosso on the Italian Riviera with Pixar's newest film Luca and ends on a magical note in Paradise Falls once your entire party has gotten the ultimate shot.
Many holes feature music from the films and all are guaranteed to make your golf buddies smile. Make sure you have enough memory in your phone. You'll want to capture all of the cool instagram worthy shots of the kids tackling courses invoking fan favorites such as Buzz, The Incredibles and Merida.

My family loved the experience. Two holes in and everyone was campaigning for a trip back to the parks. That's the thing about Pixar, the films evoke a heartwarming, familiar response and ours was the urge to get back to the magic.

A few things to note that we'd like to see if Pixar Putt returns to NYC in the future (hint hint Rockefeller Productions). 
  • We felt cramped at times. We'd like a little more leg room to make our shots (yes we are competitive and came to play!) The courses are artistically beautiful and a bigger space between each would also evoke a more magical feel.
  • The course is a bit challenging for younger children. This adds to the fun but can back up the wait time for the next hole. Adding a few photo-ops between the holes would alleviate this and add more fun photo time. I is Manhattan and space is scarce but a girl can dream.
  • A gift shop would be a nice addition. I noticed 3 young children's style shirts for sale at the ticket booth but us big kids want some merch too! Did  you notice my New York City Mickey shirt in the photos?  I love to represent.

Overall all Pixar Putt scores a hole in one!  We enjoyed our time there and are planning to take some friends back when they visit NYC in October. If you live in NYC or are planning to visit by November 28th, Pixar Putt is a must do!

The Details:
  • You must purchase tickets in advance at
  • Entry is timed to manage social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout.
  • Golf clubs and balls are sanitized.
  • The course takes approximately an hour and a half to complete.
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up.  
  • Ages 12+ require adult tickets.
  • Don't have kids? Head to "Putt After Dark" for ages 18+, Fridays & Saturdays 7pm-10pm. 
  • Located at Pier A in Battery Park City right across from the Bowling Green subway exit off the 4-5 lines.

Map courtesy of Pixar Putt

From The Pixar Putt Website:

A perfect socially distant outing for any Pixar fan. Pixar Putt's standard COVID Safe measures include capped player numbers on the course, physical distancing measures in queues and on course; sanitizer stations located onsite; plus sanitizing of all golfing equipment between users for every session, each day. These measures follow all federal and local guidelines and will be adjusted as those guidelines change.

Pixar Putt will be in New York City's through November 28, 2021 at Battery Park Pier A through October 31, 2021. Following its run in New York City, Pixar Putt will continue touring nationally in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago (with more exciting locations to be announced).


You can follow Pixar Putt for news about future pop-ups via their social channels:


**Disclosure: I was provided with tickets to visit in order to write an honest review of Pixar Putt.  All opinions and photos are my own.

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