Sunday, October 25, 2020

Disney Chills: Fiends On The Other Side

Prepare to be CHILLed this Halloween season when you read Disney Chills: Fiends On The Other Side by Vera Strange.

Book number two in the frightful Disney Chills series proves that the dreams you fear may come true!

I'm not going to spoil the plot for you but let's just say that you should "Never make a deal with the Shadow Man!" 12 year old Jamal learns this the hard way when he inherits a unique 
necklace from his Grandmother. After living in the shadows of his twin brother Malik for so long, Jamal is tired of feeling invisible. When the mysterious Dr. Facilier offers Jamal a deal that seems to fix all his problems, Jamal makes a decision that will send chills down your spine.  

Set in modern day New Orleans, Fiends On The Other Side is a great companion book to The Princess and the Frog universe. The combination of New Orleans mystique combined with a dastardly Disney Villain make this middle grade read the perfect entrance into the world of "suspense and horror" genres. Disney Chills: Fiends On The Other Side is a perfectly enchanting page turner to read leading up to Halloween.

**Disclosure-  I was provided a review copy of Disney Chills: Fiends On The Other Side. You can purchase your own copy via my Amazon Affiliate Links below at no cost to you which will help me continue to run Picturing Disney!

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