Friday, December 13, 2019

Gifts For Die-Hard Toy Story Fans:

Toy Story 4 crossed the 1 Bllion mark at the global box office this past summer. It set records all over the place becoming the fourth Pixar movie ever and fifth Disney movie of 2019 to join the "billion-dollar club". 
It's no wonder! So many of us are obsessed with the beautiful friendship between the fun loving toys. Do you have any die hard Toy Story fans in your life? If you do you are going to want to read on to see some of our favorite gift ideas for die-hard Toy Story fans.

Toy Story Obstacles and Adventures

Holiday Gifts For The Toy Story Fan:

Toy Story Obstacles and Adventures- (USAopoly)

You can play 6 fun filled adventures as one of your favorite Toy Story heroes in this cooperative group game. As each box is unlocked, new content is introduced, adding more characters.

Toy Story Collector's Chess Set- (USAopoly)
This beautiful chess set features Toy Story 4 characters in custom sculpted pieces:
  • Blue team features Jessie and Buzz Lightyear as queen and king, Trixie and Rex as rooks, Dolly and Bullseye as knights, Slinky Dog and Mr. Pricklepants as bishops, and Little Green Aliens as pawns
  • Gold team features Bo Peep and Woody as queen and king, Forky and Hamm as rooks, Duke and Buttercup as knights, Bunny and Ducky as bishops, and Army Men as pawns

Forky Interactive Talking Action Figure:
Forky can speak 12 phrases and interact with other Toy Story interactive action figures.  Phrases include ''I'm not a toy,'' and ''Can we stop? My sticks are tired.''

Shufflerz- (Shop Disney)

Launch your toy collection ‘to infinity and beyond’ with these adorable Toy Story collectibles

Mattel Mini's 5 Pack- Set includes Woody, Buzz Light-year, Jessie, Trixie and forky figures.

Toy Story Swim/Dive Toys- (SwimWays)
It's never too early to start planning for summer vacation. Toy Story dive toys provide endless hours of pool time adventures.
You can read our original review --> HERE<--

Toy Story Bangles- Alex n Ani- (Available at Shop Disney)
Personally I never met a jewel I didn't love and when it comes to Alex n Ani I don't have enough arms to fit Disney bangles.  Load 'em up is what I say!

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