Sunday, July 22, 2018

Marvel X Bo Bridges: Hidden Heroes Fine Art Collaboration

Marvel has teamed up with legendary sports photographer Bo Bridges to collaborate on a line of limited edition fine art and wall art!
Marvel X Bo Bridges Black Panther

Picture this: 

Marvel’s Super Heroes and Villains brought to life within iconic Bo Bridges photographs. 

Bridges' first collection with Marvel is called Hidden Heroes and will feature a selection of Marvel’s classic characters such as Black Panther, Ant-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Spiderman and Thor.  Groot and Rocket Raccoon are also featured.

Marvel X Bo Bridges- The Hulk

Official Press Release:

Manhattan Beach, Calif., July 18, 2018 -- Marvel Entertainment and renowned action photographer Bo Bridges have teamed up to collaborate on a line of limited edition fine art and wall art that brings Marvel’s superheroes and villains into iconic Bo Bridges photographs.

Bridges, who has been shooting for over 20 years, has been dubbed by Elite Daily as the “World’s Most Badass Photographer,” and ESPN has touted his portfolio as a “pyramid wall filled with iconic pieces of history.” He is best known for capturing some of the most difficult action shots in the industry and once in a lifetime adrenaline pumping moments in often dangerous conditions that require Bridges’ lightning fast capture. His work also includes movie posters for the Mission Impossible franchise that had him hanging out of an airplane with Tom Cruise at 180mph, shots of big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton, Garrett McNamara, and Kai Lenny riding the biggest waves of their lives and shark attack reenactments for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Bridges has built his career on action photography. He has an innate ability to anticipate the movement and trajectory of the body so that he not only doesn’t miss the split second when an athlete breaks a world record or makes history but also captures the most visually appealing shot. This is the first time Marvel has partnered with an artist to create photo-real artwork that takes Marvel heroes off the pages of comic books and into our real world.  Instead of swinging throughout the streets of New York on the 2D comic book page, Bridges has found a way to capture Marvel characters in our real world environments from a true photographer lens, with all the depth and dimension of the surroundings to match that of the Marvel characters. 

His first collection with Marvel will be called Hidden Heroes. It will feature Marvel’s iconic characters hidden within Bridges’ breathtaking photos. The characters will be placed in environments that are true to their origin, history, superpowers, or personality. Spider-Man will hide in the shadows ready to save the day as a skateboarder flies overhead, unknowingly in Venom’s territory. Black Panther Mountain will be revealed through the fog of a moody shot taken as a thunderstorm looms in the distance.  Ant-Man and the Wasp will be shown in an aerial beach shot, hidden amongst the tiny ant-sized beach goers sunning themselves by the shore. Rocket Raccoon stands in the shadows as the guardian of one of California’s most protected surf spots, warding off unwanted visitors. The collection will also feature scenes with Captain America, The Hulk, Groot and Thor, amongst others.

“We loved the idea of the characters being hidden in the images, almost like Easter eggs” said Bridges. “Not only does trying to find them serve as a conversation starter, but their more subtle placement allows for a more sophisticated piece that can serve as the focal point of a home or office while still nodding to the owner’s love of Marvel.”  

Marvel x Bo Bridges Hidden Heroes will launch on July 18th at the X-Games in Minneapolis, an event that Bridges has been a lead photographer at for the last 20 years.

There will be a launch event at Bridges’ gallery in Manhattan Beach, California on September 22 to celebrate the unveiling of the full physical collection.

The full collection, including posters, fine art paper prints and MX tires, surf and skateboards that can be mounted as wall art, will be available online at and at Bridges’ Manhattan Beach Gallery.


  1. That is a creative idea. I wonder who thought of it. It will be interesting to see the different images when they are released. How did you learn about this?

  2. This is a brilliant idea! I love that Hulk picture!