Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Once Upon a Holiday Snow White Breakfast at Saks Fifth Avenue

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending Disney and Saks Fifth Avenue's 

Once upon a holiday breakfast.
From the moment we entered the grand building, we were immersed in a beautiful winter wonderland. Snow covered branches hung across the ceiling of the main floor. We were greeted by Saks associates and ushered upstairs to the restaurant, which was an extension of the downstairs winter wonderland. 

The dining room was transformed into a quaint forest, reminiscent of where the Dwarfs lived. Each table had a paper candelabra - fancy and safe for kids. Breakfast started as soon as we were seated. A small Greek yogurt with berries and blueberry muffins were already at the table. Later in the meal, a tiered platter was brought to us with a small stack of miniature pancakes, an egg and cheese frittata, and a croissant with ham. I must admit that this experience was not about the food. The price tag was heavy. If you go in expecting a quality meal, you will be disappointed. The food portions were very small and were basically microwaved frozen items. 
Snow White, The Prince, and Dopey were ushered in to the dining room with music and the Royal Court. Very soon after they entered, we went up to a beautiful woodland backdrop and took a photograph with Snow and her Prince. The attendants took a group shot and gave us a printed photograph. We were also allowed to take solo photos with them on our own. 
During the meal, Dopey visited each of the tables. He spent a good amount of time interacting with every table.  He even took a selfie with the table next to us! Dopey danced with Cordelia, who was wearing a custom Snow White dress made especially for the occasion by Lottie from LittleGunTank.

After everyone had finished their meal, Christmas music began to play and the wait staff presented each child (and adult who requested) a silver bell inside a gold gift bag. Dopey stood in the dining room and everyone rang their bells to Jingle Bells! Then, we all waved our napkins and Dopey danced around to the "Yodel Song" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Such fun!
For desert we were each presented with a miniature chocolate cupcake featuring Snow White's image. This little treat was the best part of our meal. Snow and her prince danced through the tables as they waved goodbye. Dopey followed them, but not before snapping a few more photos with guests. Dopey was truly the star of the day. We were sad to see him go!
If you are familiar with and like Disney Parks character breakfasts you would love Once Upon a Holiday. The decor made us feel as if we were actually in the woods. The character interactions were short but sweet. Snow White, The Prince, and Dopey were fun to interact with. They took a good amount of time with us for photos and were very accommodating with all the children. While the food was not the best meal you could get for the price tag, Disney magic made up for it. There is no other place to meet Dopey and his fun-filled presence alone was worth every penny. 
Bottom line:
We hope that Disney returns to Saks next year! 


  1. That looks so fun! Now I need to borrow a child so I can have breakfast with Snow White.

  2. This is so adorable! A little taste of Disney right in the city! I didn't even know they did this. SO cute!

  3. What a cool experience. I love the pictures you got, and it looked like the kids had so much fun. I'm glad to hear the character interactions were so fun too.

  4. Wow it looks so fancy! Such cute pictures, looks like everyone had a ton of fun. My kids would love to go to that (and so would I!).