Friday, March 10, 2017

Beauty & the Beast Bookworm Breakdown!

If you grew up like I did... a beauty but a funny girl... then one of the most relatable and charming things about Belle was her love of a good book! When Disney Publishing sent some new Beauty & the Beast releases for to review I was overjoyed!

The countdown is on for this amazing adaptation and I know I am not alone in having waited since the moment it was announced. I don't even know how I am going to sleep on March 16th knowing it will be on its way!!! Disney is really hitting on all my nostalgia these days and all I can say is keep the memories coming!

As huge fans of Disney's Art of Coloring series, we were ecstatic to see this included! Just as beautiful as any of the other books in this series and filled with fun and whimsy! 
(Pick up your copy from Amazon today!)

Once upon a time I read and coveted a book called "Disney's Art of Animation from Mickey Mouse to Beauty & the Beast". I read it over and over as a Disney-obsessed youngster (and still have my copy today). This is the first book to come close to that quality since my childhood. It included beautiful art and even some awesome info about the now retired Broadway musical. (Pick up your copy from Amazon today!)

For younger audiences, we were able to check out the movie tie-in for middle grades as well as the step into reading. Additionally, we received a copy of the book on CD and this amazing and adorable quote book called Belle's Library. It features classic literature quotes and Belle's notes about them! Truly well thought out and adorable!

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