Monday, February 20, 2017

One Lamp Three Wishes- Aladdin on Broadway

One Lamp, Three Wishes, Aladdin the Musical on Broadway is Magical!

Two of our writers were lucky enough to see Aladdin on Broadway!  Here are their thoughts:

Monique's Valentine Treat:

We almost froze in NYC (more about that here), but  the sacrifice was worth it as Aladdin is my favorite movie.  It was our wedding theme so I was super excited to get to see the magic live on Broadway!
 "It's the plot that you knew, with a small twist of two, but the changes we made were slight". In this stage version, our favorite characters have been given a lot more depth. Aladdin recently lost his mother (new song Proud of Your Boy by the late Howard Ashman) and is trying to become the great man she dreamed he'd be. Jasmine has a lot more spunk and is a woman who knows her worth. Genie is just WOW, Jafar is as sinister as ever, and, in place of Abu, we get the funny and witty Babkak, Omar, and Kassim. 
I sat in awe as the story unfolded and the familiar sounds of Arabian Nights were sung. Each scene so well thought out. Every detail polished to perfection. I felt like Agrabah was real. Best Part: The reimagined A Whole New World scene. It was everything I wanted and needed it to be.  Of course we went to the backstage door to nab some photos and autographs from the actors. It was truly a magical night and was a Valentines Day I will never forget!


I was floored when my fiancee got us front row tickets to the Broadway musical for my birthday!  My fiancee had never been to a Broadway show so he wanted to make it a special night for both of us.

The genie in this show is AMAZING! James Monroe Iglehart stole the whole show! It was phenomenal! And Jonathan Freeman, the OG Jafar from the film is reprising his role in the play! 

Here's a pic of us in Times Square with a creepy Elsa from my nightmares photobombing us in the background.

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