Monday, January 9, 2017

Let it Snow Flamingos with Harvey's!

At Picturing Disney we love rocking Disney Parks style and couture bags are our favorite!

Harvey's, you had me at flamingo.

Harvey's couture seat belt bags are always on point!
This new Snow Flamingo line may not be a Disney collaboration but they bags are perfect for touring the Parks.

The adorable Mini Foldover purse is divine!
It's a perfect cross-body design.  It has jut the right blend of turquoise, pink, and black. 
The flamingo charm is beyond adorable.

We also loved the Streamline Crossbody bag. At the same pricepoint ($108) this one has a zip top and less color (no turquoise). It hugs a little closer to your body and looks great on the sleek streets of NYC!

The quality and durability of Harvey's bags make them perfect for everyday wear.  The straps adjust easily and wiping them clean is a breeze.

The Valentine's line just launched so snatch up a Snow Flamingo while you can!  
Brighten your winter up with colorful flamingos because the bright summer sun is just around the corner.

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