Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Book Review For Tweens, by Tweens: Sara Shepard's The Amateurs

When given the opportunity to read Sara Shepard's (author of the Pretty Little Liars series) new book before it came out, 11 year old Autumn jumped on the chance! She received an ARC of the book and the Q&A below are her honest thoughts and opinions:

What was your overall opinion of the book?
It was a little slow in parts, but really good.  Sometimes I picked it up to read and did not realize how much I was finishing in one sitting. 

What was your favorite part?
I really liked the way the characters were described in the beginning.  It took a lot of pages but it made you able to really see what they were like.  And there were some surprises (like Maddy) that seemed confusing at first but ended up pretty cool. 

How does it compare to Pretty Little Liars?
It was a mystery that surrounded someone disappearing and dying like the way Pretty Little Liars started with Allison.  It was also a similar neighborhood.  The characters in Amateurs were more into finding answers.  Pretty Little Liars is about the missing person sort of coming back for the girls who lost her, Amateurs is about the main characters figuring out what happened and trying to solve the mystery.

Who would you recommend this book to?
Anyone who likes Pretty Little Liars at any age. It was slow but I would still give the next book in the series a chance because it explained a lot of important things. 

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