Monday, July 18, 2016

Something for Every Disney Fan from LoungeFly!

The last several years we have seen incredible partnerships between Disney and creative and fabulous designers and companies well known for making long-lasting and quality products. The Disney collections through LoungeFly follow suite completely. One of the best things about these lines is that there is literally something for every fan young and old alike from the Little Mermaid to Lilo and Stitch, Arandelle to Halloweentown to Wonderland characters abound on the newest LoungeFly designs (check them out on social media: FB, Twitter, IG, Pinterest, YouTube).

We were lucky to be sent two sample bags to review: Monique the Frozen Embossed Glitter Bag and Melissa the Sugar Skull Jack Skellington Backpack.

Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack

First look on this bag and I was smitten. I am of the camp of people who adore sugar skull art, I even love the little bit of alliteration when you say sugar skull out loud. I have seen tattoos and fan art (and Pop vinyls) incorporating Jack and Sally as sugar skulls but this bag is a whole new level.

It is also functional and soft, easy to pack because of its organization, and its about to be my go-to travel bag (pretty sure I could spot it a mile away even if I decided to check it at the airport)! When I first started to travel I would take days and weeks and savor the packing process, always checked a bag, and used multiple organized checklists (Danny Tanner would've been proud).  However, in recent years I have become a light packer and a quick one, having been known to pack only a backpack for a weekend trip and do it 15 minutes before I need to get out the door. This bag is perfect for that!


I was a little worried about the collar of Jack's shirt, but even packed with my macbook and filled to the brim with essays to grade and books to bring home for the summer it never once became an issue. I had this bag completely overpacked and still it never caught on anything as I tossed it around my car and I never felt like the bag was going to tear or the straps break under the pressure of teacher edition textbooks and end of year gifts. It is perfect for everyone who keeps the spirit of Halloween (or Christmas) in their hearts all year. :)

Frozen Embossed Glittery Purse

I have to say I've been following LoungeFly for some time on social media and I remember when this bag first made it's appearance. Everyone was in love (including me). Needless to say I was excited to see that this was one of the complimentary bags we were sent by LoungeFly since, if anyone doesn't know by now, I'm a huge Frozen fan.

This bag is perfect for work and the everyday venture. It not only looks, but feels well made and seems like it will withstand a ton of use.
The details are stunning and are totally reminiscent of the main aspects of the film. I especially love the fact that the "Disney's Frozen" plate is so prominent and the Elsa silhouettes that are embedded into the faux, white, glittery leather. The size and space this bag has is also a great feature that everyone will love.

Needless to say I've taken it to work with me already and it took them a bit to notice that it wasn't your everyday designer bag. They were sweetly surprised to see it was a Frozen bag and even asked where to get their own.

I think its safe to say that LoungeFly is definitely a brand all Disney fans should check out. As already mentioned above, LoungeFly has something for everyone. From classy to alternative, each bag and design represent their fandom precisely as the fans would desire. We can't wait to see what is next from LoungeFly!!

Well, what are you waiting for?! GO CHECK THEM OUT!!

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