Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Descendants is a Hit!

Descendants is a hit!  

According to Nielsen, over 10.5 million viewers agreed!

My 8 year old son summed it up best:
"I love the villains, but why are the good kids kind of "silly?"
Disney laid on the "hokey" a bit thick.  The children of some of our favorite Disney Icons came off sheltered and very whiny even to an 8 year old.  

The children of the villains however...rocked!

The best scene in the movie is the opening scene where the so called "Villains" sing "Bad to the Core."  The song is so catchy that my son is wearing out our DVR playing it over and over.

You can catch it here:

I see a lot of future stars coming out of Descendants.  Three special shout outs to the show stealers:

Mal (Dove Cameron) is adorable. She can sing, dance and did I mention she is adorable?
Ben (Mitchell Hope) reminds me of a young Matt Damon and oozes charm.
Jay (BooBoo Stewart) Seth Clearwater from the Twilight movies is fun and sporty as Jafar's son.
Kristin Chenoweth---Enough said!

If you saw Descendants and can't get enough don't worry the animated short-form series Descendants Wicked World premieres Friday, September 18 on Disney Channel.

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