Monday, January 12, 2015

Coming to Disney: New Star Wars Attractions

Jedi Training Camp at Disney Hollywood Studios

New Star Wars attractions are coming to Disney theme parks sometime next year!
The new attractions will be based on the much anticipated new "Force Awakens" movie.  We are pretty excited about this at my house!

Most people are familiar with the popular Star Wars themed weekends at the parks but one of our favorite attractions flies a bit under the radar:  Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios.

I stumbled across Jedi Training on the Disney website while planning our last trip.  Surprisingly I had never heard of it before.  Trust me, if you have a son or daughter between the ages of four and twelve that loves Star Wars, this is a MUST do!

On the day of training, you need to get to Hollywood Studios just as the park opens in order to have a shot at getting a spot.  You can easily tell who is headed to sign up for training.  As soon as the gates open there are tons of kids frantically running in one direction with Moms and Dads trailing behind.  After the sprint you will find yourself outside ABC Sound Studio.  Jedi trainers pick twelve potential "Padawans" for each show after all children register.  If chosen you will be given a time to report back to the sound studio to begin training.  The shows are limited and your child must be present to register so get there early and prepare to spend the day enjoying Hollywood!
I love this quote from the Disney website "Be sure to register early!  The Academy has limited capacity, so it's first come, first sabered."  

Under the instruction of a Jedi Master, your child will be tutored in Jedi trivia, dressed in authentic brown padawan robes and pledge the Jedi Oath.  After classroom training, the kids parade to the outside theater to learn how to use the force while wielding their own light saber!  Battle skills are taught and Jedi bonding goes into overdrive.  At some point a disturbance in the force is sensed!  Suddenly there are storm troopers marching in to loud music and the kids need to defend themselves against the Dark Side!  If the kids can defeat the dark side they will receive their own authentic Jedi Certificate with their name on it.

A few tips:

-We went into training not knowing what to expect.  After the initial shock of being thrust into battle on stage and with my coaxing from the side, my son rallied.  If your child is a little timid or scares easily you might want to wait till a future trip to train!  
-Make sure you have a ton of space on your camera card because these are going to be shots you don't want to miss.

-I highly recommend one person take video while another takes photos.

-Disney photographers are there so make sure you get the photo cards they are handing out.  The Disney photos are up close and come out fantastic!

-If you are traveling with a group, have everyone show up to cheer on the Jedi in training.  It is fun to have a crowd there in your corner as you face your darkest fears!

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