Thursday, March 26, 2015

All Star Music Resort

Upon arriving to the security gate of the All Star Resorts in Walt Disney World, I felt a twinge of excitement. We (my husband, Gus, and I) have only stayed on-site once. We've always passed by the huge marquees of other resorts, but had never gotten to enjoy them...until now.

Some of you may already know, but the All Star Resorts are made up of four neighboring resorts. You have:
  • Disney's All Star Music Resort
  • Disney's All Star Sports Resort
  • Disney's All Star Movies Resort
  • Disney's Pop Century Resort
Now these four resorts make up Walt Disney World's "Value Resorts". A Value Resort is the lowest resort type Walt Disney World offers. Art of Animation is considered a "Value Plus" as its amenities and rooms allow for a more "comfortable stay".

Upon arriving to the security gate, we were kindly greeted by the security guard and allowed in. We drove up and unloaded our car. After a cast member took our luggage and stored it in luggage storage, due to the fact that we were quite early for our check in time, we walked in and were surprised. There was still Christmas decorations and music filling the space with holiday cheer. We excitedly got to the check in desk to find out our room was ready for us. As we already had our magic bands with us, we took our car, parked, and walked up to our room. As we got our first view of the resort, our immediate attention went to the huge guitar-shaped pool. In the middle were some of our favorite characters: Donald Duck,  José Carioca, and Panchito from the animated short film, The Three Caballeros.

The Value Resorts are known for their oversized, larger than life decor outside and their over the top theming inside. There are five different musically themed sections that one can stay at at the All Star Music Resort:
  • Calypso - Tropical styled music fills the air as bright bold colors pop out at you. Bongos and xylophones are the oversized icons you'll find. This area is considered the "Preferred" area being the closest to All Star Music's Main Hub. 
  • Jazz Inn - Reminders of New Orleans and smooth jazz music fills the air. A small rose garden in the middle gives a small hideaway for those who want to disconnect. 
  • Rock Inn - There was definitely a cool vibe in the air. Guitars and Amps will be the oversized icons for this area.
  • Country Fair - This area will definitely remind anyone of country style music. Huge western boots will surely remind you where you are.
  • Broadway Hotel - The Big White Way is greatly represented here. With it's enormous show marquees, how couldn't you be mistaken that you weren't in New York?! ( My only critique is that they still need to add in the Aladdin Marquee...I'm just sayin...)
We stayed in a Calypso building, with a view looking out to the pool. Our room had a King size bed, small fridge, microwave, and flat screen television. The bathroom was wheelchair accessible, so it didn't have a tub...but it made for a ton of space to shower (which had a removable shower head).

This bed was really comfy.

Overall, for its value, we had a great time at the resort. For more images from the resort, check out the photos below.

Have you stayed at the All Star Music Resort? How was your experience?

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