Monday, December 29, 2014

Into the Woods Film Review

Into the Woods is definitely not what I expected. When it was first announced at the 2013 D23 Expo, it was described as a fantastic musical that followed the intertwining stories of some of our favorite fairy tale characters. Not much more was mentioned except for the casting of Meryl Streep as the Witch, Johnny Depp as the Wolf, Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, and Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince. Not much more had been discussed about the film since then. 

The original musical was developed with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and the book by James Lapine. From the beginning, music filled the air as each individual character began to harmoniously sing about their innermost wishes. Favorite characters from the original Grimm Brothers fairytales come to life on screen. Themes and storylines from Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Cinderella all intertwine as we meet the cursed Baker and his Wife. 

Having never seen the live musical, I thought the film was alright. The cast chosen for each role fit perfectly and the music is intoxicating. There were moments that felt as though they could have been explored a little more and others that just were too short. This film is a bit dark, but so are the original tales. If anything, that was my favorite part about the entire film.

Check out the Trailer below and go see the film for yourself!

Have you seen either the live or film version of Into the Woods? If so what did you think?

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