Monday, October 13, 2014

Story Time with Princess Sofia

I'm a firm believer in few things being better than little ones showing enormous enthusiasm for reading. Maybe it's because she got to stay up a few minutes past bedtime or maybe it's because it was a (few) Sofia the First book(s). Either way it was such a joy to see (and hear) story time being accomplished.


Last night we set the mood with Tom Ameen's Magical Moments 2  while my personal story teller donned her princess jammies and tackled the entire Sofia Boxed Set that came in.


 The set is recommended for ages 3-5 (Pre-1/Kindergarten). 160 pages all together filled with vocabulary building fun, cute pictures gallore, and a princess certificate as the goal for reading all the books, all available for $9.99.                          


After story time was over, I was asked for a single request to keep Tom Ameen's "You Can Fly" on repeat until Princess Storytime fell asleep. . .  it didn't take long. She was off to Neverland thinking of mermaid lagoons underneath a magic moon before the first play was even over.  :)

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