Sunday, August 31, 2014

Would you like to be a part of the Picturing Disney family?!

UPDATE: As of 9/1/14 we have filled the position for book reviewer and guide contributors. If you are interested in writing in another capacity, however, feel free to contact us!

Greetings fabulous people!

Picturing Disney is looking for some committed and caring new writers to join our family! 
Take a gander at what we are looking for from some passionate Disney lovers like yourselves and email us if you think you would be the perfect fit:

Children's Book Reviewer:
Each month Disney sends us anywhere from 5 to 15 books directly from Disney Publishing.  We would be looking for someone who would be willing to read through and review these books and post weekly.  Ideally, this would be a Sunday column which would cover whatever books were recently sent and would include pictures and reviews.  The books we have gotten in the past ranged from baby to school age chapter books so a parent would be a great fit here since the books will be yours to keep post-review.  

Disney World Dining Writers
Ideally looking for 1-2 writers to specialize in Disney World Dining where they could complete our Dining guide as well as rework parts of the guide which become out of date or add new sections as the parks change. This would be a Monday and possibly Friday slot where we could bookend the work week with some Disney food porn. 

Here at Picturing Disney we do not make any money from blogging BUT we often receive items for review which we share openly with writers (in the past these have included LeSportSac bags, American Tourister luggage, books, and etsy shop items).  Please take a moment to read through our "About Me" section and check out the site before deciding if you would be interested then send us an email and let us know a little bit about yourself so we can begin looking through candidates!