Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spotify: A Whole New World of Disney Music

After our giveaway with Tom Ameen's beautifully composed Magical Moments (read the review here), I've been searching for new ways to listen to all kinds of Disney Soundtracks or covers. I was in the studio working and one of our colleagues put on a crazy selection of music. Not just Disney themed music. I mean, he played everything from R&B, Coffee House Jams, and Broadway Soundtracks. To say the least, I was amazed and intrigued. After all, Pandora is great, but its service would not allow me to listen to the entire CD/Soundtrack if I wanted. Pandora skips around to match the search phrase used, but just ends up playing the same songs. When I asked what it program he was using, he started to sing to me the praises of Spotify.

Spotify is a website where one can listen to various albums and music types at the push of a button. It is similar to Pandora. However on Spotify, users can listen to full albums. To say the least, it has been fun finding other Disney Albums I've never heard of such as the Disney Villians Simply Sinister Songs album.

The best part of it all - ITS FREE!! You can create your own account for Spotify and opt for the free account. You also have the option to upgrade to a paid membership, but the free membership has been working fine for me. ;)

Have you used Spotify? If not, what are you using? What are you listening to? Below I've left what I've been listening to and I'm still finding new songs and artists to listen to. Guess which one is currently my favorite!

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