Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bringing A Little Fall Magic To Your Home

I have definitely been having some withdraws since my last trip to Disney. It also doesn’t help that I constantly see pictures posted up on how beautifully decorated everything is for the Autumn Season in the Parks. I also was in need of some cute Fall D├ęcor. So, what is a girl to do? EASY!!


First thing is to get together your materials. You will need:
·       1 large Grape Vine Wreath (the wreath pictured above is 12.5 inches)
·       2 smaller Grape Vine Wreaths of Identical size (the wreaths pictured above is 6 inches)
·       Ribbon
·       Rope (can have seedlings or be any color you fancy)
·       Acrylic Paint
·       Wooden Letter

Measure out how you would like your wreath to look. I “eyeballed” how close together I wanted the 6 inch wreaths to fit onto the 12.5 inch wreath. Once you have that, you can begin to wrap one wreath to another.

Best thing to do is securely wrap your rope within the vines of one wreath to create a secure hold. Continue to wrap through both wreaths until you have to attached the second of the smaller wreaths. Secure the last bit of rope to a piece of the wreath and move on to the next step. 

TIP: The autumn inspired rope I found was about 9 feet long. Make sure to be very generous with your rope. The more you have to wrap, the more secure it will be.

Once you have securely bound all the wreaths together, you will need your ribbon. The idea is to use a single ribbon to both hang your letter on the inside of the main wreath while leaving enough slack to tie a knot and hang the wreath from. Check out the photo below to get a better idea of how I was able to do so. I ended up knotting the ribbon at the top of the wreath and then created another at the two ends in order to hang it up.

To add a personalized touch, I chose to get our last name initial. I painted it with cream and gold acrylic paint. I also added two little hearts for each my husband and I (and there is enough room to add more). When the letter is dry, take some of the same rope you tied around the wreaths and bind the ribbon to the letter. By doing this, you will have a secure letter that will not slide off easily.

What’s left to do? Go hang it up!! Take pride in what you have just accomplished. I hope you had fun and please, if you have something you’ve created to soothe your Disney withdrawals, tell me. I want to know about your own Disneyfied DIY project.

Looking for a printable version of this craft?! Head over HERE!


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