Friday, November 30, 2012

Parks Style How To: Easy, Fun, & Fabulous Accessories

I am pretty casual when it comes to my clothes- most comfortable in a tshirt, jeans, and flip flops- and this does not change when I head to the parks.  I have be known to get ready for work in under 15 minutes after waking up and rarely put on make up (when I do it pretty much stops at mascara, shadow, and lip gloss).  I love easy jewelery like rings and earrings and recently I have really enjoyed stacking bracelets.  

Thanks to the world of Pinterest before my last Disney trip I made 3 new bracelets which cost me no money because I just happened to have all the supplies at home! 

The first bracelet (pink on on the left of the picture) seemed like it would be hard and time consuming but was really easy once you got going. I substituted leather for hemp in the original pattern. 

The second bracelet (middle one with hex nuts) was also super easy and I get SO MANY compliments on it! Its a great upcycling style using nuts instead of beads and the original directions are super easy to follow. 

The third bracelet, was made with leftover leather I had found and I basically just used the turqoise color and fishtail braided around the back of brown leather.  I wish I had directions but I had seen a similar one at Francesca's and just winged it.  If anyone sees directions for this still bracelet please email me and let me know so I can update this post!

My last little accessory project has not made it to the parks yet but rest assured it will! 
This super easy knotted crocheted headband had easy instructions and all you need is yarn, ribbon, and a glue gun (and very basic crochet skills)! Check out the original instructions to make your own!

The best thing about all of these accessories is that they will not take a ton of time OR a ton of money! They are inexpensive enough to make that if they get stolen by hitchhiking ghosts or go flying through the air after a huge, treacherous drop into the briar patch you won't have to worry about losing something that cost you an arm and a leg... and while you are rocking and rollercoastering you will be sporting cute vacation styles!

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